Single Android APP on two different com[any intune account

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We have two separate Company intune account because of two subsidiaries. We are releasing an Android APP on both in tune accounts. But it is giving us an error because of the same package name. I do not want to change the packaging of the Android APP.


Please let me know if we have any options.



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Hi Raajeev

If u use Google Managed Store is better to share from developer account the application with both environments and not trying to publish manually on them because U'll get the error that the package name is already published. When u get shared applications on private environments u can publish them without issues. For how to do it use the Google documentation about sharing application with private environments. Hope this helps you.


Can you share any more specific details?  I am struggling to find the way to actually do this in our environment.  Here are some references I found:

Distribute private apps - Managed Google Play Help

Publish private apps from managed Play in your EMM console - Managed Google Play Help

U publish the app as test from a dev account and then from the account u share it with the environments u need to publish. Once u share it u can see it on the managed app list on google managed account and you publish it as as imported app. I see now the option is not available on Intune. Let me look into it and get back if i can with a step by step guide.