Simplifying transition from Hybrid MDM (ConfigMgr+Intune) to Intune standalone

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Great enhancements to make it easier for customers to migrate from Hybrid MDM to Intune standalone:


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Does this work if I still have a Classic Intune portal?


Yes, it should work. If you are using Intune PC client for Windows management, the upgrade to enable this feature might take bit longer. You will get a notification in the Office 365 Message Center when your tenant is ready for this feature.



OK! Great. 


We are having situation where MDM authority is pointed to SCCM.

Microsoft said that they can't do migration from classic Intune portal to new Azure Intune portal before we point MDM authority back to Intune.

Do I understand correctly, that Microsoft is now capable to do migration from classic Intune portal to Azure Intune portal when their customer MDM is pointed to SCCM?


We are not using Intune agent to manage PCs. We are using SCCM for that.