sharepoint and intune app protection policy

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when sharepoint android app is protected by intune app protection policy & does not allow local storage for 'allow user to save copies to selected services', viewing image file will have this error 'action blocked. download is disabled due to policy restrictions'.







anyone having the same behavior?

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@jrng in your app protection policy that is protecting sharepoint what is the send org data to other apps is set ? 




@eliekarkafy policy managed apps




@jrng use the below settings and try to open your attachment 



@eliekarkafy my policy is already set the same as yours.



do you have any other policy restrictions for downloading from M365 apps such as DLP policy or any other Intune policy that may conflict with that one?
I don't have any. But for yours it worked?


i implemented this last week for a client and its working.


check this 


Go to OneDrive Admin > Device access > Mobile application management > turn on the Deploy this policy > unselect Block downloading files in the apps




also check if any conditional access is blocking you or any settings with Microsoft cloud apps

@eliekarkafy I'm sorry. could you help me because i could not find 'device access'




@jrng sorry I forgot to mention that the block option was moved to Intune using the app protection policy but let's check the below as well. 



i have the same settings as you - "Allow full access from desktop apps, mobile apps and the web"
There is something else that is blocking the download action. Did you check if any condition access in place with MDCA ?