Shared PC Mode: Account Management enabled with Account Deletion

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Hi Everybody,

We're looking at enabling Shared PC Mode with Account Management on some of our Windows devices, I've taken some existing machines and applied the shared pc configuration to them, so far I'm seeing that most are running through the new rule set (many had upwards of 500 user profiles and those number on each are dropping), but I have a couple that seem to have not run any processing of the new rules, everything in Intune for the machines looks good, all of succeeded in getting the config etc. 

Does anyone know of where I could look to get some troubleshooting detail from the machines that have seemed to not run any of the rule set?

For example did it apply the account management rule but fail, or did it run it and then determine that it shouldn't have removed any accounts, or were there too many account for it too process.

I've pulled diagnostic from the machines and was going through what was gathered but didn't see anything where this type of information was captured.

Any info anyone may have on this area would be appreciated.



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