Shared Multi-user device

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At this moment i am testing Shared Multi-user device foor some schools.


The option in these restrictions are quite welcome and working good.
There is only one problem. One of these settings is that the device is going into sleep. I have tested this on a couple of devices and the problem is that when a device is waking up the sound isn't working anymore. A restart can help or a reset to the sound but that is only a workaround.


I am looking for a better option. Does anyone here already testing with shared multi-user device and have the same problems with the sound?


MAurits Knoppert

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@Maurits Knoppert We've stopped the machine from going to sleep for one. You have to disable the power options of that Multi User policy.


Once that is done, you can enforce lid close actions. So that when a device is closed it shuts the machine down. 


The issue you're having with sound seems to be a common issue with multi-user device policy where the sound is not released properly until a full restart or shutdown. So only thing that I have come up with is to shut down the device completely and prevent it from going to sleep. Which in and of itself is contradictory because the write-up on Microsoft learn says the device needs to be in sleep for it to run its maintenance tasks, but this is the only way around the sound issue that we've have found.