Shared iPad for Business Complex Passcode

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The restriction on Shared iPads for business that requires a Complex Passcode just to unlock the device is preventing us from being able to use this feature. It's such a terrible experience for our field workers who would be constantly having to type a complex alphanumeric code just to access their device vs a standard number pin. Is there any timeline on getting this complex passcode requirement reduced? 


Not sure where to post this request/suggestion now that User Voice is gone.

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I hear you. We have a similar situation.
This is an Apple limitation (not MS or Intune). In shared mode Apple enforces that a complex passcode is used. The only way for iPad users to be able to use a 4/6-digit PIN or biometrics (FaceID or fingerprint) is on user enrolled iPads (IE, not shared-mode).
This functionality is by design.