Settings catalog not applicable for co-managed devices?

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I have some co-managed (Hybrid) windows 10 devices (version 21H2) which have their workloads set to "Intune" in SCCM. These devices have several device configuration policies set to them, which works fine. But the "Settings catalog" items are "Not applicable". When I create the same policy using the "Device Configuration" and "Administrative Template" it works though.


For my Intune managed device (AAD only) this works without any problem. 


To my understanding, using catalog settings with co-managed devices should work just fine, or am I missing something? 


Also, I have configured the CSP MDMWinsOverGP setting.


Please advise,

BR Theodor

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Looping in @Rudy_Ooms . Any thoughts? 


I read the question before... but it sounds kinda weird as the Settings catalog is controlled by the device configuration workload. So if you moved that slider, you normally are good to go.

Could you show us the contents of the settings catalog itself? Could you try to create a simple new one and taking a look at the devicemanagement-enterprise-diagnotics-provider event log when syncing the device?

I would love to take a look at this event log and the intune management log file itself from the programdata to know what is breaking..

Hi @Rudy_Ooms,


Thank you for your reply. The organization are following CIS best practices (specifically CIS_Microsoft_Intune_for_Windows_10_Release_2004_Benchmark_v1.0.1) and the configuration profiles are based on these controls. One example in this framework is control 18.1.1, which prevents enabling camera under lock screen (see attached image). As you can see, the category is even under Administrative template. And what bothers me is that when I configure the same settings using Administrative templates, for the same device, it does work ☹

Anyway, uploading event viewer logs to a public forum might be difficult for the organization to agree with, but I have asked RM and waiting for reply. But, I did investigate it and didn’t find anything interesting. From what I could tell, there are no related errors. Is there something specific you are looking for?


FYI, we do have a Microsoft support case running in parallel.  




i know the feeling about sending the event logs to a public forum (doesn't feel quite right) of course you could send them by email. Because troubleshooting it will start by examining those logs... i guess Microsoft will also ask for them if they haven't a 100% fitting answer :)



Got it approved :) Please find attached event logs :) 


nice, where could i find them? You could send them to
Should be in the post as a zip file? If you can't see I'll send an email :)
Hi, Took some time I guess.. but I can see them know attached to the reply

Is it possible for you to also send the intune mgt from the program data folder to

And if its possible create a new settings catalog policy and e make sure you sync the device first :) so I am sure if there are warning in it its in there :)

And could you show me how you assigned it?


Hi @Rudy_Ooms ,


"Is it possible for you to also send the Intune mgt from the program data folder to" - Yes, I have sent it to you.


And if its possible create a new settings catalog policy and e make sure you sync the device first :) so I am sure if there are warning in it its in there :) - I created a new policy and synced as per request.


And could you show me how you assigned it? - The assignment is based on a security group, with membership type “Assigned”. Members are only devices, both Intune managed (AAD only, which works) and our co-managed devices (hybrid, which are "not applicable").





Just wondering but could you test a new policy by assigning it to a user instead of a device?

@Rudy_Ooms ,

Sadly I have the same issue. Works for intune managed, not for co-managed (same user). 

It's weird as I am seeying no error popping up except this one Failed to open registry key 'Software\Microsoft\IntuneManagementExtension\Policies\00000000-0000-0000-0000-

So it looks like at the intune side it determines the device and user is not applicable to receive those policies... But that is weird as you where mentioning you changed the slider of the device configuration profiles to intune

Anything in the "%WinDir%\CCM\logs\CoManagementHandler.log"?



Well, I am 100% certain that the workloads are set to Intune, since I can see that other Device configurations are applied successfully for the same VM. Nothin interesting in the CoManagementHandler.log file

If you have twitter, you could send out a tweet "asking" and tagging the intunesupportteam and mikedanaski (knows it all about the settings catalog). As again switching that flip to intune should have done it... so it looks like something didn't succeeded when doing that

Does the log mention something like : CoManagementSettings_Capabilities ?


And how does the report looks like when you run it from the info settings in the account



Hi again,
I have done my best to stay away from twitter for so long ;) If I get very desperate I will create a new twitter account, but for now I'll wait reply on my Intune support ticket. I'll update this post with our findings.

Many thanks for the help so far,
I'll keep you posted.
Please let me know if you hear something.. I am curious about what is broken... :)
In the meantime I keep searching what could have happen..
Just letting you know that the case is still on-going and MS support have informed me that "my patience is appreciated" the last 3 weeks :)
Always nice to hear ... :( ..... hopefully we can get a good answer soon