Setting up HOME page for Edge and Chrome

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I'm struggling to get the HOME page / button to work properly.... Been checking few guides about how to implement this via Intune but doesn't work properly...

The best I could achieve is that I've created a Configuration Profile with "Administrative Template" and configured as below:

  • Action to take on startup
    • Enabled -> Open a list of URLs
  • Configure the home page URL
    • Enabled ->  used the url I want to open
  • Show Home button on toolbar
    • Enabled

  • Sites to open when the browser starts
    • Enabled -> used the same URL as above in "configure home page url"

Now, I'm testing this for EDGE these days... and it works like this:
  • when I open EDGE 1st time, it loads the configured page.... great!!!
  • when I open a new tab... or open another EDGE window, it opens with some default "news, etc" - thats ok and I'm fine with that
  • when I click "HOME" button, it opens again just the "news" as above... This I need to fix but not sure what I'm doing wrong here

FYI:I've tried also configuring this via "Setting Catalog" but it works even worse than the above :\

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@sumo83 hi please refer to the below screenshot setting up for example as your home page 


Google chrome: 







I have very similar setting for Endge (except the 2 about "New Page"). I've added those two and will test. I have assigned that policy to a users group.... Would that work? Or do I need to create an "device group". I've tried to configure the same also for "Users" -e.g. Home page URL (User)- yesterday but didt work either....
you can target group of users or devices both will work . if case you have users that use multiple devices you apply it to users and in case users use single devices you can apply it then to devices
ok... so I can target to "all users" for example even if I selected "device" setting in subcategories... Was not sure if that could be an issue... but looks it should not... Thanks for expalnation!
just wondering.... why you dont use "Settings catalog" also for Chrome?
Since Edge is a Microsoft product and those are the recommended setting to control home page through Edge. settings catalogue is available as well but since you have a template for Edge in intune why to use custom settings ?