Setting a minimum version code for an Android app in Intune

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Hi all,


I've been asked to look at an issue where a private Android app is being used on dedicated Android devices where the app is not updating.


I have configured the System Update mode to 'Maintenance window' as per this MS Doc but there are reports that the app does not reliably update on all devices. We have not yet ruled out issues with the app itself or the method of submission to the Play Store but in the meantime want to rule out other possibilities.


In Google's documentation there is mentioned of a setting a minimum app version code as a test for critical updates and it states that this needs to be configured in the "EMM console", in this case the EMM is Intune. 

Does anyone know if "Minimum app version" is supported by Intune and if so, where that can be configured?

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Is there any update on this?

Maybe you can get some help by reading this article from Peter van der Woude. He has some great articles about Intune management and more. 

Very recommended.


Hope you can solve it with this.