Self-Deploying Profile & AssignedAccess CSP - Guidance

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Anyone have any luck working with Assigned Access CSP & Self-Deploying Profile? Trying to setup an AV device that requires an app install. While the Kiosk Profile works the issue is it configures AppLocker as well which isn't something I would like to configure with an App that may run additional applications. I have been unsuccessful with configuring a Custom OMA-URI to configure Shell Launcher during OOBE. I'm convinced I'm doing something wrong with Shell Launcher (CSP) Config during OOBE. I can share my xml if desired. Overall, what i am trying to achieve is for the device to go through Autopilot and configure using a Self-Deploying Profile, then at ESP Page configure the Shell Launcher (Create Account, Configure Auto Logon) and install the application then head into the customized shell after the Device Setup Phase.

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