Select Device Category during onboarding Process / Decission between Departments

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hey there!


is there a possibility to select the device category / department during the autopilot process?

act. we have to go trough the autopilot process and after finishing this, we open the company portal and then we select the right category.

it would be much easier to handle autopilot devices when all settings (already made within endpoint manager) are drawn before the process is completely finished.


thanks a lot!

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Hello @BillGoldberg

you’re properly talking about Windows devices? 
in this case, I believe there might be a way, but I’ll have to confirm it first and get back to you. 

btw, did you consider Tags?


hey @ShadyKhorshed,
thanks - waiting for your update!
yes, we are using tags - but act. its not possible for us selecting them during autopilot process.
thanks for you upate - we're do i find the right documents for a regular win10 platform!? i just found hundrets of docs about autopilot but nothing special for selecting the category during autopilot