Script to reboot the devices via Intune as per scheduled date & time

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Script to reboot the devices via Intune as per scheduled date & time 


Is there any script by which we can schedule the device reboot via Intune? Do share any available. 






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you got something in intune.
check that:

working well with my Windows 10 devices.

let me know.



Thanks for your answer on this. 


I checked this blog before and this seems very straight forward where I wanted to do some customization on script like users should get prompt to extend the scheduled reboot for certain number of hours and once that threshold meets the time limit then device should be rebooted automatically. 


@VinodS2020 you are looking at a custom solution here in form of a PS script or an app. Nothing available in Intune out of the box as far as I know. 

You could use a settings catalog to define the weekly/daily or single reboot? sounds like what the op asks for? but it depends on if the op also have other requirements or things it needs to check before rebooting :)

Hi @VinodS2020!

We resurfaced your question during this episode of Unpacking Endpoint Management. Please see the panel's answer at around 41:00.



Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to see something in future around this. 



Just tested out the Scheduling Windows Reboot Settings Catalog Policy and worked flawlessly. Refer to the Step-by-Step guide for more information:



I know this Settings catalog policy but I was looking for more customizable like schedule a device reboot on every weekend on particular date and time along with user should have option to extend the reboot to further at least 4 to 8 hours. 

They didn't actually answer the question at all from what I saw unfortunately.
They just rambled on about the OP not giving enough details and how Intune isn't a modernization but just moving the same stuff around since 1995.
Forced reboot configuration is built into Intune. I'm amazed not a single one of them mentioned that you can force reboots by creating an Intune configuration that's literally called "Reboot" or that any of them couldn't grasp the idea that some orgs do forced restarts for reasons other than Windows updates. The reason for the restart isn't needed to answer the question they were presented.
From my perspective, they skipped the question completely and used that time to rant.