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Sccm/Intune co-management - deploying apps (not applicable)

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I have a single SCCM server (CB 2006) and looking to migrate to InTune. I've successfully setup co-management and enrolled the Windows 10 (AD Hybrid registered) devices into InTune. The Windows 10 devices are listed as 'managed by = co-managed' and 'compliance = compliant'. I've setup an app, within intune, and deployed it to a test group containing 3 users. The app has successfully deployed for one user but the other two it states 'not applicable'. All 3 users are logged into Windows 10 devices which are enrolled into InTune. All three devices are online and i deployed the app almost a week ago so its had plenty of time to propagate out.  I have also tried uninstalling the CM agent from one of the devices to see if this made a difference but unfortunately not.  Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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What's your co-management workload settings?  Configuration Manager continues to manage all workloads before you change the co-management workload settings. 


Please read the documentation here:



I've set all 7 workloads to InTune. The plan is to decommission SCCM once we're able to deploy apps from InTune. Are there any logs either in Azure or on the client that i can look through for more clues as to the issue?

Did you ever sort this Phil? Having the exact same issue right now.

@Paul Bedford 


Hi Paul, I had endless issues with SCCM and InTune co-management. In the end i removed all the co-management settings within SCCM and stopped registering new computers with SCCM. I then found new computers could be successfully enrolled into InTune. I also noticed InTune showed these computers as 'compliant' where as the old computers were shown as 'non compliant' and 'co-managed' within Intune. I can now deploy apps to the new WIn10 computers (ie: the ones shown as compliant) but not the older non-compliant computers which are managed/registered by SCCM.


I've yet to test this yet but i think the way forward will be to remove the computers from SCCM and uninstall the CM agent. Delete those computer accounts from Azure AD and then resync them back to Azure. Hopefully we will then be able to get them working in Intune correctly.

This is what i plan to do with one of the older computers as a test:

- Uninstall the CM agent from a domain joined Win10 computer (

- Delete the associated computer from SCCM, Azure AD and InTune
- Have Azure AD Connect resync the computer account back to Azure
- Enrol the computer into InTune


check the below 

  1. Enable Co-management scenario From SCCM using global Admin with EMS License assigned

@PhilPreece1010 Set the Workloads to Pilot Intune. If you only choose Configuration Manager the Intune Policies wont work, are blocked.