Samsung S23Ultra locked with old Android Enterprise Account

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Here a challenging situation that I put myself in!!

1. Android device was enrolled normally with Intune (Corporate Owned with Work Profile), but after Google account converted to Business account many things stopped working as Intune currently doesn't support Google G-suite (business)


2. So, a decision was made to remove the linked existing Android Enterprise account (from Intune) and create a new personal one.


3. Before doing so, wipe existing enrolled devices initiated, then removed them, and finally unlinking Android Enterprise account.


4. Android Business account was also removed from Google.


5. Phones that was active before wipe command initiation works OK, the problem exists with those phones who was not active and after unlinking Android Enterprise account, they are stuck.


6. Performed Factory Reset on those devices, and not anymore able to make them work as phones, Google needs the owner account - registered personal account or Android Enterprise doesn't work, and Google insists to put owners account (which I did, but for some reason it doesn't see it as owners account). - Google account was even removed from one of the mobiles before initiating factory reset.


7. Mobiles that I did not do yet factory reset are stuck with Intune app, and I cannot remove it because I restricted it myself in the configuration. I do not want to initiate factory reset before solving this issue.


Any suggestions





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