Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment - CHINA

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Are there any companies using and have implemented Samsung KNOX Mobile enrollment and can share their feedback on the solution? Since Android Enterprise is not supported in China, this seems like a viable option for China and wondering if anyone is using it? Will appreciate feedback on questions below –


  • Implementation of Samsung KNOX in China
  • How does MDM Enrollment and App delivery work in China with Samsung KNOX? How are apps (Office + LOB) apps configured and distributed?
  • Are there known limitations of Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment?
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Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment service is not available in China. This is a political decision and Samsung do not know when and if this will change.

Knox Configure is available though, you can find more information about that here:

Looking at this link gave me the impression it is supported in China?

* Dedicated Knox Configure portal is available for mainland China devices. Please visit for more information.

Yes, a dedicated Knox Configure is available in China but not Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment. Knox Configure is an MDM system in it's own.