SafeSender list by Intune

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Dear All,


I would like to deploy a SafeSender list to a fleet of laptops (Win10 for most of them) by using Intune. I was wondering if this is possible at the actual status of the service. Is there any way to archieve this? 


Checking the web I haven't found any relevant answers and my knowledge is limited onto this topic.


Kindly, feel free to ask for more details.


Best regards.

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If the "SafeSender list" is a file you could achieve this by creating a powershell script that will copy the file to the right place (overwriting any existing file), package the files as a .intunewin file (win32app) and then deploy it to computers using Intune. (

I would suggest using PSAppDeployToolkit if you don't want to create the powershell script from scratch.