Revoking elevated privileges in Endpoint Privilege Management

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I found a thread from last year asking this question. When I revoke someone's elevated access in Intune Endpoint Privilege Management (removing them from the AD group linked to an Intune EPM policy) the "run with elevated access" option remains in the right click context menu. The post from last year said it can take hours for access to be removed but that the app was still in preview mode. This was over a year ago so I'm wondering if anyone from Microsoft or anyone can advise if this is now quicker or if there is a way to speed it up? 

We want to start a secondary proof of concept with multiple policies with different levels of access, but testing this would take so long if we're waiting 8+ hours each time we remove access.

Thanks all

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It depends on what you want to do,.. was mentioned on reddit. the epm client is something different than the elevation rules policies. WIth the policies there is a max wait time of 4 hours..

WHen removing policies, the epm client is not uninstalled at that same moment :) .. just check the registry or the epmclient policies folder to determine if the policies are gone...


Thank you. From my understanding though, removing someone from a group which is linked to an intune policy should remove the elevated options for them or have I misunderstood that?