Resuming Quality updates in Intune

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Recently we have paused a quality update for Windows 10 because of an issue with one of our application. After that issue was solved we hit the resume button in the update ring in Intune.

I was expecting that as soon we resumed the quality updates, the pause period would be disabled on the devices, but we noticed on the devices that updates are resuming after the default period of 35 days and not immediately.

Is this normal behaviour?

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@Ronald Meer I'm seeing the same behavior when pausing Feature updates, I assumed it would resume immediately but it hasn't.

@Ronald MeerI´m having the same issue.
I have paused from the Intune Portal and clicked on resume, but the machines are still paused.


I´m thinking about creating a new policy.


After you resume updates the updates will continue after the default period of 35 days.

This makes the Resume button functionally useless. If not resumed, it automatically resumes after 35 days. If resumed, it waits till day 35 to resume.

Is this working as expected right now?



If you do not hit the resume button. Updates will be paused indefinitely.