Resultant set of Intune Policies

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Is there a way to assertain what Device and User Policies would be applied if User X logged onto Device Y? Taking into account the Intune/Endpoint Manager configuration profiles and their assignments? Similar to the GPO Resultant Set of Policy tool on-prem.

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At the moment there is no way to do this.
I also don't know of anything that is planned.
Philip Luke, I think I found what you are looking for. On the Attached 365 Domain Joined Windows 10 device, navigate to Access work or school, Click on the account which 'connected' the device to 365, click on the 'Info' button, scroll all the way down and click on 'Create report'. Please note that it does NOT give you a choice of where to download the report. It is saved to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\MDMDiagnostics\MDMDiagReport.html You will find a variety of information there including managed and unmanaged policies. This information was very helpful to us when trying to determine why our laptops could suddenly, no longer connect to the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapters in our meeting rooms (WirelessDisplay policy down near the bottom).
Hey Ken, that's sounds very interesting indeed. I'll take a look at that later today. Thank you...

@Philip Luke this amazing guy made a powershell script to capture it similar to group policy RSOP reports seems to be cleaner - \Invoke-IntuneRSOPReport.ps1 from here forgot which one MSEndpointMgr - Microsoft Endpoint Manager Community but you should be able to find it as i posted the name of it

For anyone stumbling across this later, I was not able to find "Invoke-IntuneRSOPReport" mentioned above but I found a similar solution, Get-ClientIntunePolicyResult which is part of the Powershell suite "IntuneStuff"