Restrict email to Outlook desktop client on Windows 10 using Intune MDM?

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Is it possible to restrict Exchange Online access to the Outlook desktop client and prevent the use of the Windows Mail client using Intune MDM? I am aware that this can be achieved fairly easily for iOS and Android devices but do not see a path for Windows 10 dekstops.



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While I did find a GPO to disable Windows Mail, upon testing it, however, it did not disable it. I decided to use PowerShell to uninstall the app, create an msi, and push that via Intune.


Interested in hearing other ways to accomplish this.



I'm curious, what concerns you about the Windows Mail application?

It's a customer requirement. They want to standardize on Outlook 2016 across the board and prevent the use of Windows Mail.


I've since found that I can use Windows Information Protection (WIP) policy by specifying allowed apps - for this as well.



Thanks, that is good to know, Customers always come up with requirements that require additional work :)