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I had an application in Intune, which was a private .apk in managed google play store. Application accidentally has been deleted  in Intune. In google play store it's still available. Is it possible to restore this app to Intune? Synchonizing doesn't help. I can't also add this app second time because the same app cannot be added twice in google play store.



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@kuba335 - Deleting a Managed Play application is actually Intune programatically Unapproving the app. After signing in to search for your application, click on it, then hit Approve and select the appropriate permissions.

After that the application is approved again, you can hit sync on Intune and it will reappear.



@kuglidani  The app I uninstalled is a private app and just like the other user I can't bring it back into Intune. You are correct with apps I can find in the Play Store I can just approve them again but thats not the case with private apps. Do i have to have google remove it and re-upload it?

It should work for private apps too (as I tested it originally with a private app). If you can't find your app on "My managed apps" in the Google Play console, you may try searching by your OrganizationID (can be found in Admin Settings)

@kuglidani   You are a life saver I wished I would have reached you  a couple of days ago I could have saved myself from stress and kept some of my hair I pulled out.  I search using the Organization ID like you said and it worked perfect.  Thanks.