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Jul 21 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)

Reseal screen missing when doing autopilot hybrid join with pre-provisioning

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We have configured autopilot with hybrid join and white glove. Everything seems to be working except that we never get to the reseal screen. 
After the last reboot we are getting a sign-in page to log on to Azure AD. I never get to the reseal page which I was expecting.

If I continue to log on, the process continues and after another reboot I am asked to log on to the internal domain.

Pre-provisioning has successfully created an Azure account, an AD account and an Intune account for the PC. All configuration profiles and Apps that are in the pre-provisioning scope are successfully applied.

So where did the reseal screen go and why are we not getting there? Any suggestions?

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Hi, just to be sure before we dig in.. is this the first time it is giving you issues? because today there were /are a lot of issues with intune/autopilot etc
well, I have been "playing with this" now for a week and finally gave up and posted here. So today I have not been working with this at all. Plan to continue tomorrow or the day after.

Can you explain how you start white glove? Did you press 5 time the start button in the oobe phase?

How are your profiles assigned? User or device group?

What type of profiles have you assigned? Device restriction, update rings for windows etc

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Hi, And did something changed in the meantime?
Assuming you have started the preprovisioning just like mr_helaas told, (if not.... :) that could be the issue :p ) could you share some logs with us?
@MR_Helass Yes, I did press the Windows key 5 times during OOBE, and I could see I got the correct configuration profile from our tenant. all configuration profiles during setup are device oriented, autopilot profile, domain join profile and a few mroe. they are all reported as successful in Intune. I even see I get app:s installed as expected.
Everything in autopilot seems to be working, if I enter a username and password the process continues successfully. I just never get to the part where I am supposed to do a reseal. this screen is somehow skipped.
Sorry to say I do not have any logs and I needed to leave my PC yesterday to the user.