Required applications are not installing after autopilot is completed on the Hybrid AD joined device

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Hello All,


I am facing an issue where device has completed ESP phase (user ESP is skipped) and user is able to login to the device. We are having some more applications to install which are not blocked in ESP. Expectation is those applications has to be installed automatically after user logs into the device as those are deployed in required but I don't see any application installing and need to do a restart manually to install those applications automatically.

Please give your advice on where it went wrong or where I need to check to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, could you enlighten us what kind of apps it are? ms store apps or normal win32 apps? maybe there is still a pending reboot in the registry so other apps wont install after the reboot.
DId you checked the IME log?

In addition to @Rudy_Ooms_MVP's answer (the most likely cause):

You can check for pending restarts in registry with this script. It's not mine, but it works well. 


Hello @Rudy_Ooms_MVP

Thank you for your reply.

I am using normal win32 apps. I have seen there is no pending reboot. Yes I have checked the IME log and I don't find any issue in the log.

Hello @Rudy_Ooms_MVP @NielsScheffers


I can see one of the application is failing with download. strangely download is set with 10 min timeout which can be seen from the attached screenshot. I am not getting how timeout is set to 10 min for download. Usually timeout is set for installation of applications but here timeout is applying for download as well. 


Could you please help me here to get rid of this problem?