Report on Win 10 devices that have not gotten an app

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Deploying several apps through Intune to ~150 Win 10 devices. The apps are mostly configured to deploy to "All Devices" and those are the apps I'm asking about here. When I check later I can see that 132 devices have installed and I can see the list of systems that got the app. What I can't seem to find is an easy way to see the devices that have NOT installed yet. Is there any way to do this short of exporting the entire list & the installed list and doing a compare?




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If you have about 150 devices and some of them still need the software, you should see them in the overview as install pending (But you don't see the names there and only the amount) But are all your devices still active, and sort on Last Check-In...
In the Windows Devices blade I see 155 devices currently. Of those, 21 have check in dates older than 3/10, which is when the most recent app was deployed. In the app Overview page, I see 133 devices deployed. The total is 154 so I'm at least 1 device off the total count. Seems like an obvious missing element - if I deploy to 'All Devices', show me all potential devices that could receive the deployment, and then show me the status of all of those devices.
All devices deploys to all Intune managed devices, so you know what devices will receive the application. Perhaps Intune Data Warehouse/PowerBI reporting is something you could use?
This may be the direction I have to go, though it looks like a fair amount of work. I have to keep reminding myself how quickly MS is developing this platform. Hopefully there will be better developed options in the near future.

Thanks for the link - guess I'll have to spend some time poking around.

You could also try ProActive Remediations in Intune to detect/report machines without the software, a PowerShell script to detect if it is installed and the remediation script with nothing special in it other than a write-host Software not installed or something. This does require Windows 10 Enterprise...

Nearly all Win 10 Pro so I'll have to keep this idea in mind for later if we move towards Enterprise. Thanks.