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Our device are added to autopilot using the windows autopilot script since we don't have a MPC.

A device was required a board replacement. We disabled bitlocker on the device and replaced the board.

Since this is the first time an Autopilot device was required a board replacement we didn't know there is a deregister + reregister device process we were required to do.


Is there a better way to manage this without the whole process which also includes resetting the device?


Thanks in advance, Rahamim. 

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I also dive deeper into this topic but it is tricky because of the TPM to get this device to an reliable state again without a reimport of the hash and a resetup. (This is also the recommended way from microsoft)

@Rudy_Ooms_MVPwrite a very good blog post to describe this topic:

Haha.. you beat me to posting my blog :p But that blog should explain what happens underneath

Thank you @Rudy_Ooms_MVP and @Jannik_Reinhard for your reply.

In our case we have warrantied laptops and in this case (Luckily or not) the laptop that was required a board replacement was mine.

Just to understand it better If I create a "convert all targeted devices to autopilot" profile will this partially solve my issue?



Hi, the main issue that when the motherboard is replaced, the trust is gone... so it cant communicate anymore so using that autopilot profile isn't going to help at that point

As shown in the blog, you can reenroll the device manually.... so for now this is the only option we have...
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@RahamimL: Nice news: It so now possible to replace the motherboard without running an resetup:
Thank you so much!!! This will be most helpful later.
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