replacing a file using intune

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Hi all,


I am trying to replace a file which is located on devices in 




The file is called ExamWritePadSettings.Json


How do I do this? I have tried a bat file: Replace .\ExamWritePadSettings.Json 'C:\ProgramFiles\ExamWritePad"


I have even tried: copy /Y .\ExamWritePadSettings.json %systemRoot%\ProgramFiles\ExamWritePad


However both dont work!


Any ideas



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Using a Intune package with a install.cmd which contains this should work:
Copy /y .\ExamWritePadSettings.Json "C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad"

It's "C:\Program Files" and not "C:\programfiles", perhaps that's the issue? Run it as system and not as user, the user doesn't have rights in c:\program files directories by default.


Perhaps you are confused with the environment variables? 


ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files
ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86)

Hi Harm,
Thank you
What would the detention rule be?
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You could add a version file in the C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad" folder, for example, a v1.txt by adjusting the install.cmd with to this:
Copy /y .\ExamWritePadSettings.Json "C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad"
echo "v1" > "C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad\v1.txt"

If you ever have to update it again, adjust the install.cmd with:
Copy /y .\ExamWritePadSettings.Json "C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad"
echo "v2" > "C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad\v2.txt"

And change the detection to C:\Program Files\ExamWritePad\v2.txt



Another possibly simpler detection rule would be to use the "Date Modified" method. If the file date is greater than or equal to MM/DD/YYYY, it's the latest version and doesn't need to run.


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