Removing Microsoft Store Applications via Intune now that Microsoft Store for Business is Deprecated

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Hi! We have a Microsoft 365 Tenant with Microsoft Intune. We are currently looking to move to a more modern deployment process instead of using on-premises deployment technologies. Part of our process includes installing Windows Pro and using the subscription activation feature to get us to Windows Enterprise rather than imaging directly with Windows Enterprise.


Previously, in Intune, we could specify a Microsoft Store app (i.e. Microsoft Solitaire Collection, XBox Overlay, Windows Mail and Calendar) and, rather than deploy it, we could instead specify that we would like the apps to be automatically uninstalled. This required specifying the app (in Intune) as a "Microsoft Store for Business" application. That option is now gone.


We are fully aware that we can use DISM commands and/or PowerShell to remove the unwanted Microsoft Store apps from the Windows image (whether online or from the WIM we use to install), and we ARE prepared to have to do that. But going that route sort of creates a lot more work as a result. Does anyone know what the best recommended approach is for this going forward?


We just want to be able to deploy business PCs to employees and not have some of these more consumer oriented apps coming preloaded on each and every user account.

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I mean, I get all of that. And that's what I've seen before in my research. But hell if that's an EASIER solution than the one Microsoft is currently taking away from me. Unless I missed something, but nowhere in there can I, from Intune, specify apps that I want removed. I can add apps from the Microsoft Store with no problem. But removing them? Seems like they are just giving me another scripted alternative to Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage and Remove-AppxPackage and nothing that I can control directly from Intune...
You can still add the microsoft store apps from the msfb and choose to uninstall them... that would make them removed from the device.
Also just as Harm mentioned... the new evolved ms store is coming.. and I assume (I pretty know for sure) ms will has us covered with install and uninstall options fro the store apps.

Of course you could also push the app with a win32app and an uninstall command you also mentioned (depending on system or user context)