Remove sccm Client - after change to Intune

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We started to migrate devices to Intune insted of the old SCCM server. 

Devices are Hybrid Azure AD joined using a GPO and thats working just fine. The issue is that, the SCCM client is still present on the machines, and they are stated as Co-managed. On a device when running ccmsetup /uninstall, after a reboot everything is working just fine. But when trying to deploy that script from Intune, nothing happens.

Tried to apply the script with a GPO dosent work either..... Am I missing anything?

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@Michael Sigvardt Jensen 


You can use ccmclean this cleans up very well


not officially supported by MS, but works like a charm.


if you wanna remove it on prem, and not with Intune look into PDQ Deploy free version. 





I have tried to pack the ccmsetup /uninstall in Win32 app - but I guess the devices doesn't get the app from Intune, as long as they are co-mnanaged.
Also tried to set ccmsetup /uninstall as a logoff script, but no luck either.

Look into what I replied earlier > free version > does not need an agent on the clients


You can push your uninstaller with that tool. Delete it after you are done.


Also look into ccmclean, this tool cleans everything, ccmsetup /uninstall doesnt.




@Michael Sigvardt Jensen 

PDQ-Deploy.... Thats nice:)
Deploying as we speak :)
Were the workloads moved to Intune including Client apps? What is the status of the current ConfigMgr site?