Remove desktop shortcut via Intune APP deployment

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I'm new to Intune en App deployment. I created a desktop shortcut to a program of ours. That works fine, but now my question is how to remove te shortcut when the user is removed from the group.


I created the desktop icon through en install.cmd and a ps1 so the shortcut is placed on the users public desktop. Via Intunewinapputil I created the package. In de app deployment I put in the line for uninstall

command "del /f "c:\users\public\Desktop\%name%.url" (the real name not %name%)


I'm only stuck at how to remove the shortcut. How can I remove the shortcut? Do I use a group and assing it to "Assignments"? I'm missing a "link" I think.

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Normally when you are looking at the win32 app assignments. You can also assign the uninstallation to a group. So you have got a group b for uninstall and a group a for install. Move the user from group a (install) to the group b (uninstall)
Something like that ? When it's in the uninstall group, the uninstall command will launch
I saw that, Isn't there something like, when the user is removed from the group, then the shortcut is also removed?
Hi, so far as I know, you need to define the uninstall group otherwise the app stays on the device and the uninstall command is not used/givin