Remove Autopilot Deployment Profile From Devices

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Has anyone found a way (preferably programmatically) to remove an Autopilot deployment profile from a device in Autopilot?  From what we've seen, these profiles are permanently stuck on devices and cannot be removed or changed.  I've heard it's possible to switch them but haven't personally seen it and wanted to get a better understanding about this.  We would like to be able to remove profiles, but keep the device in Autopilot with no profile assigned for OSD task sequence builds at times.  Any thoughts or info others have would be greatly appreciated!  


Thank you!  

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Do you apply the Autopilot profile to dynamic group? If yes, this explains why you can’t change the profile.

You can always change or remove the profile if you use Security Assigned Group by removing the pc from the assigned group.

Hope this helps!
Hi Moe,

Thank you for the quick response! The AzureAD group that the deployment profile is assigned to is not a dynamic group, however, removing the device from the group does not remove the profile from the machine. When looking in the Autopilot console, the device continues to show that the profile is assigned. Any thoughts as to why this could be happening? Thank you again!

I did some more testing today and it does seem like I can switch enrollment profiles by switching AAD groups, so that pretty much allows me to do what I need to do. This is really helpful! It doesn't seem like I can unassign a profile entirely, back to where the device just doesn't have one, but that would be more of a "nice to have" than an "need to have". It also does seem like if I remove the machine from all groups with enrollment profiles assigned, even though Autopilot says one is assigned, it may not apply, which is what I was going for originally. Thank you again for the help!
Hi Micah,

Sorry about the delay in response…Glad you were able to fix it. Definitely works for moving profiles. Feel you if un-assign the device from group and hit sync - give it time the device will sit without profile.