removable drives are encrypting without any notification to user and recovery keys are not uploading

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hello fellas,

In our organization, we are using a few Intune-managed devices and a few co-managed devices and also configured bitlocker with the intune profiles.


in those profiles, we have configured removable drives to be encrypted as shown in the below screenshot


recently, we have got complaints from two users that their USB and hard drive were encrypted with out any notification or prompts to the user, but there is no recovery key in the intune / azure ad / mbam 

and also there is no bitlocker pin and no bitlocker password as well.

why did it might happen? how can we retrieve the data? any solution?


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So totally no recovery keys in azure? I guess without them you are going to have a hard time unlocking them
Maybe looking at the policy Require device to back up recovery information to Azure AD inside your bitlocker configuration profile to require the key to be send to aad..
most of the keys of C & fixed drives were uploaded, but never found any of such cases with removable drives