Removable disk encryption policy

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Kindly want to know how the removable drives encryption policy worked technically from users side when deployed in intune?





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@ElieAT i am using this and it works perfect: Skärmbild 2022-07-31 225626.png

Thanks but can you tell me how it works when testing?
I liked this article but it doesnt show the removable drives options

@ElieAT : The user gets this toast notification. If he clickes on that he gets an wizard that guides him thru the encription process


the removable drives encryption is for usb drives right?

@ElieAT :

Yes, I also mean removable drives. The user gets this toast notification to notify him to encrypt his drives. When he presses on it the following window appears to encrypt all drives:

Untitled picture.png
Just tested this on a computer

I need to know the concept of removable drives encryption which is the usb so if the user plug it what will happen?
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@ElieAT The user will receive a prompt to encrypt it and without which the user will not be able to copy contents to a removable drive. 

Thanks and if the usb is encrypted it will work properly on other devices?
Ideally should not.