Remotely reset all settings

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Sometimes when a iPad gets stuck and don't recieves new apps/settings and so on I manage that by doing a reset locally in settings. Is it possible to do that remotely from within Intune? I understand that I could test the buttons i attached but I'm away.





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@Mattias Löwdell Use the Wipe button, but don't check any of the boxes, then click Yes. As long as the device is connected to a network (wifi or cellular), the reset should start within a few seconds (mine do). It should take the device to factory default, then redeploy your baseline.

@Geekmaster614 Ok today I hade the opportunity to try and it worked great! There are no boxes to check and the info before clicking Yes is weird or am I misunderstanding the text?

"This removes the device from Intune Management..."

The most important thing is that it works, thanks!!

@Mattias Löwdell Glad that helped! I see check boxes with my Windows devices, just wanted to be sure you didn't check them if you saw them for your devices. That is correct, it removes it from Intune management, then it gets added back after the reset. As long as the device remains in your Endpoint Manager portal, they will automatically redeploy your baseline image once they connect to a network.

@Geekmaster614 One thing I noticed is when I do a wipe it looses the group memberships. Do you have any idea on why? I mean the name of the device is still the same after a wipe/reset?

@Mattias Löwdell Sorry, no clue. That doesn't happen with my Windows devices, I've not experienced that when we wipe our iOS/Android devices either.