Remote Desktop Client AutoInstall

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Hello togehter,


I would like to deploy the remote desktop client for Azure Virtual Desktop to our employees.
For performance reasons, we are using the .MSI (Windows Desktop) version of the client here.


The distribution is to be done via Microsoft Intune. It is important that the client should be updated automatically, without the employee needing local admin rights or IT having to constantly deploy a new version.

Unfortunately, this does not work even though I set up the deployment cleanly according to the instructions:


I deployed the client in version 1.2.3918.0 x64.

Install command: msiexec /i "RemoteDesktop_1.2.3918.0_x64.msi" /qn ALLUSERS=2 MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1
Install behavior: User
Assignments: All Users


What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help me?
The installation should work automatically as described when the user closes the application.

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Have you tried using the new store app? Worked like a charm for me.
Unfortunately, we can not use the store app for functional and performance reasons :( We have already tested. So unfortunately I have to take the MSI file.
Ok. So which part is not working? Installation per user?

The installation works that is all no problem. But it should work yes the function with the automatic update without UAC. The app should update itself automatically when closing. But it does not although the registry key is set.


That's been a problem with that client since they rolled it out. We patch it using Patch my PC, seems to be the only way to avoid it.