Reimaging a domain joined SCCM to intune only


I'm trying to work through the best process as we reimage machines to get them from domain joined, SCCM co-managed in intune. To intune only deployed with autopilot.

How do I get he computer to go back to OBE so I can gather the hash and upload it to intune, then continue on with the autopilot process.

I assume I'll need to remove it from AD/SCCM/Azure AD/intune before I try to autopilot it?


So also need bios updates/ windows feature updates also, where should I do that in the process?



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There are some cool examples out there on how to bare metal a machine and stage it as an autopilot device.

Per Larsen did this with MDT

I modified it to work with SCCM so can get an idea

Essentially you stage the autopilot cloud only profile on the device during the imaging process so you don't need to upload the hash.
Thanks, I've started testing OSDCLoud for the reimage process and have my offline join json file. But it doesn't' seem to be creating the autopilot device, which doesn't get a tag, so most of our configuration doesn't come down.
OSDCloud is a very slick solution from what I've seen. You may want to reach out to Dave Segura on twitter. He is very helpful!