Rebuilt machine with same name not enrolling with intune / completing hybrid join with AAD

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Hi Guys


Forgive these probably stupid questions, but I have next to no Intune / Azure experience.

What we are trying to do is wipe an existing machine (that is managed by Intune), then have it reregister as enrolled by the new user (so that it pulls down the apps etc that are deployed by intune for that user), whilst keeping the machine name the same. All the relevant GPs are in place to hybrid join the machine then enroll with Intune once the machine is joined to the domain.


The machine has been rebuilt and joined to the domain - when we look in Azure AD, the machine still shows as having hybrid joined the domain back in November (when it first joined the domain), and the device is still listed in Intune under the old user who enrolled it, and as a consequence none of the apps are pulling down. The machine itself as it stands is not managed by Intune (no 'info' button in the work or school settings screen).


I'm assuming we need to take some action with the existing AAD / Intune entries for this machine, but what? Is it just a case of deleting the machine from AAD and Intune, then having it join the on-prem domain which will in turn then hybrid join with AAD, then enrol in Intune. Or is there a completely different way to do this?


I'm assuming if we do decide to change the machine name, then that would just be a case of joining the machine to the on-prem domain, and the machine account will be created on-prem and the rest will follow?




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Hi Si,

If I want to do your scenario, I would only change the primary user (preview feature) under Device Properties in Intune, and then assign the new apps that I want to install to the new user or device.

Because you have already rebuilt the pc and I expect you used autopilot to enroll it? I would either change the device name to reduce complications, or remove the old device from Intune and AAD devices before enrolling the new machine.

Hope this helps in the future scenarios!