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"Unable to perform action “pop up when click Authenticator app in Intune managed Android Enterprise。

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Our Intune managed Android Enterprise tablet starting to get "Unable to perform action" pop up whenever I click on Authenticator app which is on the tablet(Screen shoot down below). As desktop we did not make any change on our Android Enterprise compliance policy, configuration profile or app protection policy in Intune. So I was wondering what policy or configuration been done could cost this?


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RSA Authenticator Problem.jpg






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HI @Nathan Li


I have seen this issue If the Android device configuration profile has set the “Device Restrictions > Users and Accounts > Account changes” policy to Block (Check screenshot attached).


If exists in your case, please changed it to Not Configured, and try again!


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You are right, "Account changes” policy to Block is exactly what my problem is. once I switch to not Configure, our tablet able to use Authenticator, and the pop up went away. Thanks very much for you help. just one more question, I don't remember to see this "Account changes" option in Adroid restriction when last time i modify an Android restriction at Feb 2020, so when did this "Account changes" option became available?  

I have used it summer last year, it only exists in Enterprise Model not Device Administrator Restrictions.