"login.microsoftonline.com" wants to open external app

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I have a mobile app that has sso configured in azure. After input work email address, it comes to below screen. When tap on Continue button, it pop up "login.microsoftonline.com" wants to open external app and presented 2 options.


i am puzzled why is it so? when i tap 'stay in microsoft edge', nothing happens even though i have edge installed and already login to work account. i have to tap 'open external app' and it will proceed with login success.


edge and this mobile app are installed in the work profile.




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Hi @jrng ,

The reason why you are seeing the "login.microsoftonline.com wants to open external app" prompt is because the mobile app is configured to use Azure Active Directory (AAD) for single sign-on (SSO). When you tap the Continue button in the mobile app, it is redirecting you to the AAD login page.


Also, it looks like you have Edge installed in the work profile, so you should be able to tap the "Stay in Microsoft Edge" option and log in to AAD. However, if Edge is not installed in the work profile, or if it is not configured to handle AAD SSO, then you will need to tap the "Open external app" option.


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edge is installed in work profile and configured to handle AAD sso. when tap 'stay in microsoft edge' nothing happen and i have to tap on 'open external app'
Do you have app protection policies configured?
Its MDM or MAM no issue but you must install Microsoft Edge and sign in your Official ID then try all work normal
yes, edge is configured for app protection policies
i have edge installed in work profile and sign in to work account prior to this
In the App protection policy, are you redirecting web data yo edge?
yes. restrict web content transfer with other apps is set to microsoft edge.