"Allow App and Book Assignment" system prompt in Intune DEP device enrollment


We are implementing Intune DEP for our company owned iOS devices and our employees keep seeing this pop-up many times:


"Allow App and Book Assignment?" <company name> would like to assign apps and books to you.


There is a work around from Microsoft is documented on this forum:


Work around


Are there updates on how to resolve the system prompt?


Thank you.



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Hi @Emy Loanzon, we've been working closely with Apple to resolve the issue, and unfortunately do not have a resolution at this time.


Keep an eye out on our blog: Known Issue: iOS 12.2+ Terms and Conditions, for any new updates in regards to a resolution.


Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue!

Intune Support Team

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Hi @Emy Loanzon, we have confirmation from Apple and from customers that this is now resolved. If you have any issues with this, please let us know!


Intune Support Team

@Intune Support Team This is good news! We enrolled a few company owned devices in Intune DEP early this week and we have not seen the "Allow App and Book Assignment" pop-up anymore.


Big Thank you!

@Intune Support Team  I'm starting to get this prompt on a few users who are all running iOS 13.3.1.  Did this break again during this update?



@Intune Support Team 


We are also experiencing this issue running the latest iOS. it keeps prompting for every app that we require the device to install. 


after pressing continue we get the attached acceptance we have to accept, this is only after we put an apple ID on the device. it should have downloaded the app automatically without the need for an apple ID. Don't know why you have to accept terms for the app to download now, is this something new?

Same here with current iOS devices.

  • apps are already installed when a fresh device boots and gets enrolled in intune
  • user is forced to enter an Apple ID

Hi @Florian Obradovic and @TRIMEDX-AndrewM, Purchased apps can be assigned to groups using two types of licenses that Apple offers for iOS/iPadOS and macOS devices. See: How are purchased apps licensed? for more information.

Depending on type of VPP license assigned, end-users will receive prompts for VPP app installation in a number of scenarios documented here: End-User Prompts for VPP.

Lastly, learn more on how to deploy apps and books purchased in the Apps and Books section in Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager here: Distribute content with Apps and Books in Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager.

Hope this helps!

@Intune Support Team thx for the overview!


We fixed the prompts by checking all app assignments and found one assignment which was of type "User License".


If you set it to "Device License" the prompts are gone!

@Florian Obradovic 


Thanks for the Reply, actually i found this out shortly after i submitted this lol. My apologies for not updating this thread. 

I am wondering if iOS updated 14.4.1 has broken this again as it is occurring with a iOS device I just enrolled via Company Portal @Intune Support Team ?

There seems to be another dimension to this issue. I experience this message on devices that are connected to our internally-facing wireless networks, which go through a number of hoops to get to the Internet. However, when joining them to an outward-facing network (e.g., our guest network), the message goes away and Intune immediately starts applying policies and installing apps. I am assuming there could be specific connections that, when blocked, would cause this message to appear?