Pushing out drivers via intune

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Hi all, 


Is it possible to push out drivers via intune? If so how can I do this? 


Thanks in advance 

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Hi, What kind of drivers would you like to push/install? if I may ask


You could create a win32 app intunewinapp package and add the folder with drivers to it

And you could add a PowerShell script to install the drivers


Add-WindowsDriver -Path "c:\offline" -Driver "c:\test\drivers" -Recurse




Get-ChildItem "C:\Driver File Location" -Recurse -Filter "*inf" | ForEach-Object { PNPUtil.exe /add-driver $_.FullName /install }


Hi Rudy, Itll be a exe driver I want to deploy?



Hi, can the exe be silently installed or do you have to answer some questions or press next etc?

If it is not silently take a look at this blog: https://call4cloud.nl/2020/11/company-app-unchained


If you look at the end of the blog, I did the same with a brother printer driver which could not be installed automatically



Hi @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 


So its a intel wifi driver which I just need updating/installing (wifi currently works on devices, this is just a few onprem having issues with our wifi set up so when off site itll install) , next has to be clicked but I can export this and use the files within. If I use the exported files can it be easier to install. Maybe via the win32 app route and if so how can I do this? its a HP wifi SP104315


Thanks in advance 


This guy created a blog about it.. he did the same thing with intel graphic driver... You will need to extract the sp executable I guess .

If you have Lenovo devices in your fleet, you can have a look into the posts from Phil Jorgensen @ https://thinkdeploy.blogspot.com
There are probably other solutions by other OEMs.
Hello, hardware applications can typically be installed the same way you install an app. Have you had a look at using Windows Update for Business to install certified drivers?

Hi This seems perfect! although doesnt show where I need to change for my wifi driver? Would you know what parts from the script i need changing?