Pushing a Win32 without entering admin credentials on each machine.

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I am trying to push a win32 application to each computer in a group using the Endpoint Manager. I have packaged it into a .intunewin and added it to the company portal. However when the end users try to install or sync it requests that they put in the administrator login to install it. Due to everyone working remote at the moment (read: COVID-19) it is not possible to get an administrator to each machine to enter the password. Is there a way to have the program install without requiring administrator authentication at the machine level?

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@i4th8 Did you set the install behavior to either System or User?


You can configure a Win32 app to be installed in User or System context. User context refers to only a given user. System context refers to all users of a Windows 10 device.

End users are not required to be logged in on the device to install Win32 apps.

The Win32 app install and uninstall will be executed under admin privilege (by default) when the app is set to install in user context and the end user on the device has admin privileges.

I agree with Jan, it’s better to run it under system context.

You may also have an issue with silent install switch, did you package exe or msi? Could you share the install command?

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Hey @i4th8,


did you check to install in SYSTEM context? Typically all Win32 apps are installed silently in system context. This will never require elevation (ask for Admin) as it has all necessary permissions:






@Oliver Kieselbach Thanks that worked like a charm. I did not understand that setting.


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@i4th8 Kinda of what I said yesterday, but glad you solved it ;) Thanks @Oliver Kieselbach 

Yes @JanBakkerOrphaned :-), maybe the additional screenshot was helpful but the information itself was the same...