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We are an AzureAD only environment. All of our printers are accessible via add a printer. However, several printers are Sharp MFD which Windows Update does not have drivers for. So these printers cannot be installed by the end user.  The driver installer from Sharp seems to force the user into picking a printer during setup which breaks any automation installation from what I have tried so far (using Win32 App deployment).   I really do not want to use powershell and even as such, not quite sure how that would even work.  Are there any other suggestions on getting these drivers installed so that the end user can install these printers? 


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Hi Jeff,


you could set some registry keys to allow standard users to install printer drivers. The GPO settings are described here:

and you can use to look up the GPO settings to get the registry keys. When you gathered everything you need write a PowerShell script to deploy the settings/regkeys and the users are able to install printer drivers.




Thanks for the response Oliver. However that would not solve the issue. The problem is not rather the user had permssions to install the printer but because there is no driver from Windows Update that matches during install it fails.  Right now, I have to go download the setup.exe and run for the Sharp printer then it will install