Prevent the Company Portal from trying to install the Intune MDM profile.

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Hello. I am trying to find a way to stop the company portal trying to install the MDM profile.

I already have Manage Engine MDM on moblie devices and on iPhones I can only have one profile.


Outlook is requiring the portal trying to install intune MDM, as far as I can tell we don't have any conditional access polices stating mobile devices must be complaint (that I can find)

I would like to keep the portal and to be able to setup mobile application management without enrollment. Is this possible if no one has an intune license? I've heard that MAM can be used while being managed by another MDM.

That way I can use Manage Engine MDM and use intune MAM to prevent copy/paste between other phone apps.


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Looks like CA is enforced. Check in Azure sign-in logs to confirm.
Hello. There is only one conditional access policy and it's showing as turned off. On the Azure sign-in logs they show conditional access not applied.
Any ideas where else to check? Thanks.
Is the OS platform Android? If yes, then Company Portal app will need to be installed to apply MAM policies. Company Portal app acts as the broker for Android. It only needs to be installed. User doesn’t need to sign in or anything.
Hello. My issue is with iPhones. They can only have one MDM profile and Intune trys to install a second one when they access Outlook. I can't figure out how to turn this requirement off.
We use a mix between iPhones and Android devices.
I would like to use MAM policies instead of a MDM profile.
From what you have described, MAM should work with a 3rd party MDM provider. However, the issue could be with the way your policies are setup. Can you share a snapshot of your App protection policy and CA policies? Just strike out sensitive details. Alternatively, you can open a case with MS.

Thanks. For start, the APP for Android should be for managed apps type and not managed devices, if that is what you are testing. Also, are there any conditional launch settings?

@rahuljindal-MVPHi there, I have just deleted that top policy. It was only a test. So only the bottom three remain.

This is the conditional launch settings.