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can anyone Please help me to get PowerShell script for uninstallation of software from End users machine by Intune admin center. The script must be less than 200 KB (ASCII).

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It could help if you tell us what software you are trying to remove :) ?
Hi Rudy,

i want to uninstall Solarwinds Discovery Agent

Does that agent doesnt have a uninstall.exe in the program files folder of the solarwinds agent which you can use? I don't know how that solarwinds agent has been installed... so you need to put in some time/work to provide us with some info :)


EDIT: first google hit


So create a poweshell script with this command in it? Maybe adding a sort of detection first so if /else /catch


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds Discovery Agent\uninstall.exe" --mode unattended


Agent Installation for Windows (solarwinds.com)