PowerPoint deployment not working (challenge with wildcard value in workgroup template path)

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Current Situation

We deployed some PowerPoint templates on some test devices via in tune which was reported as Succeeded" in intune. However, these templates are not showing on the test devices. The template only appeared on the device where the deployment was initiated. During troubleshooting, we realized that the wildcard value in the workgroup template path changes each time it is entered. Which I think is responsible for the current issue.  Has anyone successfully deployed PowerPoint templates on devices via intune? Does anyone have some suggestions on how to resolve this?

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Can you show us the complete url/path you configured ?

And how did you deployed those templates? Like this or?
Create an organization assets library - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Docs

Thank you for the feedback, no we did not deploy the template via that method because we do not currently have the Office 365 E3 or E5 license. The templates were deployed via Microsoft intune using some PowerShell scripts.
Is it possible to share the url/path you configured in the powershell script? so aI can take a look at the wildcard issue
This is a summary of the steps that were followed
1. We uploaded the templates to a SharePoint site.
2. After we have our templates where we wanted them, we had to map the SharePoint site to the end-user devices so the files can be seen by Office. Intune does provide the ability to sync SharePoint libraries using an administrative template configuration profile, but most of the time the libraries do not sync, so we created a PowerShell script and assigned the script to map the SharePoint site on the end user’s device.
3. We used the browser to get the IDs we require from SharePoint to populate the script.
4. We then deployed the PowerShell Script using intune.
5. We created and assigned the configuration policy that points the office applications to the synced SharePoint site.
6. Next, we configured the workgroup templates path setting
7. Under the workgroup templates path setting, we pasted in the path to the templates. We found this path by opening up file explorer on the computer that has the SharePoint site synced, by browsing to the template location and copying the path from the URL bar. As this path will be unique for each other, we set the username portion of the URL to a wildcard value.
Maybe using %username% instead of the * ? . I noticed the same as with controlled folder access
Don't know if it works, but its worth a try?
yes %username% was used but it changes back to a specific username whenever it's saved.



I mean userprofile :) something like this








Just tested this setting and my word immediately switched to this folder. Or do you mean something different?







@Rudy_Ooms_MVP No, I meant something entirely different. I am referring to the workgroup templates path setting in Microsoft intune. After the script to sync the SharePoint site was deployed, we needed to get our Office applications to look for templates in the location. We did this using an administrative template configuration profile in Intune. i.e configuring the workgroup path setting in intune so that this can appear on all the devices they were deployed to. 



Hi just like I showed you in the picture above

After configuring this setting in Intune it worked on the device itself


Workgroup templates path:

%userprofile%\OneDrive - wvdcloud\Directie




Yes, you are very right. it worked on the device itself but not on the other devices. This is the main concern here, the template was only deployed on a device and the other devices didn't get this powerpoint template 


I did not change or did anything on the devices itself. I only added this setting in intune and it worked on all devices
Did you try to change the intune setting to %userprofile% like I showed instead of the %username%
Yes, I did change it to %userprofile% as you suggested, I only changed it back briefly when I couldn't see any change. I am now going to change it back to %userprofile% and observe this new setting for a while.
Could you please share the steps you followed in creating and assigning the configuration policy that points the office applications in intune with me? Maybe I am missing some steps.



Just wondering. but where you using an administrative template to push this setting or the settings catalog? I noticed changing an existing administrative template was not updating the settings


And looking at the reason why you were not using the asset library cnd option:

I cant find the documentation that it is requiring e3/e5.. it's only needed if you want to user powerpoint on the web with this opion



Thank you for your feedback. I am going to try deploying it using the organization assets library as suggested.
Hello @Rudy_Ooms_MVP, The organization assets library was a very good alternative to solve the problem of having all the templates deployed. thanks for the suggestion.