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Hoping someone can help me. I have a policy that is configured to lock the screen after 5 minutes but not go into power saving mode for 15. I'd like the screen to lock but remain on with a specific lock screen image. The problem I face is that when my device locks after minutes, the screen goes black. I have tried numerous fixes and followed guidance but I cannot seem to get the right configuration.

Please can someone help and advise where I am going wrong. I am happy to provide any configuration evidence at request.



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Greetings, is that an Azure Joined? Hybrid Joined? Is it getting GPO's and OMA/URI policies? What version of Win10 is this?
Hi, its Azure joined Intune managed only W10.0.21390.

Hello @Ben123Digitally !


I am sure we can work this one out together.


Could you please provide print screens of your current policies?

Also, what edition of Windows 10 do you run - Pro or Enterprise?


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