Possible bug found with App Protection and Teams

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In the last 2 weeks started seeing this, and have tested in 2 tenants and both doing the same.


Only happens on Registering / App Protection Policy applying.






The Encrypting Teams message just doesnt go away and only way to get around it is quit teams and reopen.



You can wait 30 mins / an hour it doesnt ever complete


Wondering if Encryption is actually applying and or if its just a bug with latest Teams


Happens when a APP is applied to Teams and only on Android




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Did not see this in the tenant I use and manage. Can you share your config?

Yes only things on are


Prevent Cloud Backup

Prevent Save except to OneDrive Sharepoint


Encrypt Org Data


All the rest is on allow so share data from apps etc all allowed Print Allowed


Even Require Pin is on not required

Hi @Tim_Beer, I can't reproduce this. If you can, than I would start thinking about contacting MS support, but perhaps someone else has seen this too. Sorry I can't help you. If you do have more info, than please share so we all can learn.

Thanks so much for testing this Oktay, so weird I could not get it to do this for 2 days and have registered several times since.
Then today I was actually removing MAM and opened Teams and got the spinning Encrypting your data. I have contacted MS last week who are looking into it. wish I knew if Intune was doing this or Teams itself