Populate a dynamic device group with devices owned by members of a assigned 365 type group

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I'm trying to get some BYOD devices set up in groups corresponding to student classrooms, i could do it manually but it's pretty tedious work, and needs to be rechecked as students enroll their devices.


I have read this article  Rules for dynamically populated groups membership - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

but can only find out how to add devices based on some attributes of the owner where groups the owner is member of is not included.

Does anyone have some tips or other resources i could use to accomplish this?


- Jens

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What are your requirements for grouping?
The devices for the new device group needs to be owned by a user of a specific user group.
The closest I have got to is listing devices against a particular user guid - device.devicePhysicalIDs -any _ -contains "[USER-GID]:<User object id goes here>"

What is the end goal? Is this for policy assignment in Intune? If yes, then maybe consider using Device filters over dynamic groups to ensure efficient policy assignments.
The end goal is statistics and getting a overview of how many students in a class(group) has enrolled a device. Still learning the ins and outs of intune, is there a other/ better way to do this?
So if this is not for policy assignments in Intune, then the other options I can think of is utilizing Azure AD PS commandlets and\or Microsoft Graph.
Preferably i would like to use intune for this to assign applications and such through the company portal to these groups.
I don't think filters are going to work here. It uses the same rules syntax as dynamic groups and as you said, device.devicePhysicalIDs -any _ -contains "[USER-GID]:<User object id goes here>" is the closest we have for something like this.
I shared the link just to give you an idea on how filters can work. They will still only support the same attributes that you currently find in Entra ID, but like I said before, you may need to approach your assignments little differently.