Policy to avoid clearing Cookies from Microsoft Edge or Chrome

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Due to some specifications of a legacy application, I would like to create a policy to avoid the users to be able to delete or clear browser cookies.
I've found a policy named "Enable deleting browser and download history", that applies this logic to browser history, but can't find the same type of policy for cookies.

Does anyone came across something similar and knows if such policy exists?


Thanks in advance

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hi @dmarquesgn,


All end users have the possibility to delete their cookies by default via chrome or edge settings.




another solution is to remove the cookies after they close chrome or edge. You can find more information about that here:




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To add, you could try to add a new settings catalog in Intune and search for:


Not sure if that also works on the latest chrome builds, but I guess you could add some kind of an extensions like Google History Extension to make sure its blocked