Policy Sets some apps not showing for selecting


Ive been setting up some apps for a test in MEM and am trying to assign each one to a policy set. Office 365 was first and that worked but then I set up Microsoft Edge and that doesnt show, next a web link to Onedrive that does show and now a MS store app for Citrix Workspace and that doesnt.

Im not sure why some show and some dont - am I missing something? Ive tried having teh apps assigned to a group (same group the policy is assigned to) and also not but no change.


Hopefully someone can enlighten me as to where im going wrong or if there are limitations

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Here is the limitations that we have in policy sets at the moment, that seems to fit with your expirence. 

The following app types are currently supported by policy sets:

  • iOS/iPadOS store app
  • iOS/iPadOS line-of-business app
  • Managed iOS/iPadOS line-of-business app
  • Android store app
  • Android line-of-business app
  • Managed Android line-of-business app
  • Microsoft 365 Apps (Windows 10)
  • Web link
  • Built-in iOS/iPadOS app
  • Built-in Android app

@perlarsen1975  Thanks Per , explains things nicely.
I guess currently it might be simpler to not reply on policy sets for the app assignment part as a mixed solution seems more confusing. Just use them for the areas that they cover completely and have a groups based approach for apps.

Do you know if there are plans to extend what apps are included in policy sets to cover all the different types? I can see them being very useful when that is possible. Im surprised Microsoft Edge is not supported already.